Gregory Moss

Probate Expert


Terp Estate Solutions

My name is Greg Moss, and I am a husband and father of two boys. I’ve called Howard County Maryland my home since I was 6 years old, raised in Ellicott City and currently living in Columbia. I come from a family with strong roots in public service. The men were military, law enforcement and federal government employees. The women were mainly nurses and nurse practitioners. After graduating from The University of Maryland I started to follow a similar path as a federal law enforcement employee, but it was a career that didn’t leave me fulfilled.

When my grandfather’s estate went through the probate process there were so many questions that went through my mind. Why didn’t anyone tell us you needed a trust to avoid probate? What steps are involved in the probate process and why does it take so long to complete? It was the inheritance I received from his estate that allowed me to break off from my current career path and help start a different journey to serve the public. I got started in real estate and after a couple short ventures I was introduced to the world of probate.

Terp Estate Solutions is based on the mindset I learned from reading the book The Go-Giver, and I devote my business to the following five principles:
1. Create Value
2. Impact Lives
3. Build Networks
4. Be Real
5. Stay Open

I’ve made it my mission to help guide families through the probate process, educate them on how to protect family’s assets, and how to utilize your inheritance to build generational wealth.